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rel_exp - Comparison Expressions

Other versions: 7.31 | 7.40 | 7.54


... { operand1   {=|EQ|<>|NE|>|GT|<|LT|>=|GE|<=|LE} 
               | {CO|CN|CA|NA|CS|NS|CP|NP}
               | {O|Z|M} operand2 }
  | { operand [NOT] BETWEEN operand1 AND operand2 }
  | { operand [NOT] IN seltab }  ...


Comparison expressions join two or more operands using a relational operator to make a relational expression and produce a logical value as the result of the comparison.

operand1, operand2, and operand are general expression positions, which means that the following can be specified:

When a predefined function, a functional method, or a constructor expression is specified, its return value or result is used as an operand. When a calculation expression is specified, its result is used. A single operand can be compared with all single operands listed in the comparison rules for single operands. A calculation expression can be compared with all single operands or comparisons listed in the comparison rules for calculation expressions.


rel_exp - Relational Operators

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