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Numerical Functions

Numerical functions belong to the predefined functions. The main argument of a numerical function must represent a numerical value. The data type of the return value is determined either by the argument of the function (overloaded functions), or by the function.

Outside of an arithmetic expression, the main argument of a numerical function must be a single, numeric data object. Within an arithmetic expression, the following are possible as main arguments of a numerical function:

The numerical functions are divided into:

Other versions: 7.31 | 7.40 | 7.54

Handleable exceptions

The handleable exceptions that can be raised during the computation of a numerical function are subclasses of the classes CX_SY_ARITHMETIC_ERROR and CX_SY_CONVERSION_ERROR.


abs, sign, ceil, floor, trunc,

ipow - Integer Power Function

nmax, nmin - Numerical Extremum Functions

acos, sin, tanh, exp, log, sqrt

round, rescale - Rounding Functions

Examples of numerical functions