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Open SQL - Client Handling

Open SQL uses automatic client handling, which either selects the client ID of the current client or a client specified explicitly after USING CLIENT in the client column. The current client is the content of the system field sy-mandt. In this case, WHERE conditions contain an implicit condition for the current client; clients specified in work areas of modifying statements are ignored. The addition USING CLIENT can be used to switch client handling to a different client.

When client-specific database tables are accessed, the client column cannot be specified explicitly in WHERE conditions. Automatic client handling can be switched off using the addition CLIENT SPECIFIED. If client handling is switched off, the client column can be specified in the WHERE column and is respected when specified in work areas of other write statements.

Other versions: 7.31 | 7.40 | 7.54

Programming Guideline

Client Handling


  • The client data from an AS ABAP is depicted in closed units. No cross-client access to databases should take place in application programs. This is why the additions USING CLIENT and CLIENT SPECIFIED should never be used here. If Open SQL is used, there is generally no need to access sy-mandt in application programs either.

  • True multitenancy, with which the system ensures that different tenants' application data is isolated from each other, is not supported by the ABAP runtime environment in the current release.

  • Native SQL does not use automatic client handling. The current client must always be specified explicitly here.