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Pseudo Comments for Code Inspector

The character string "#EC after a statement or a part of a statement, which is followed by an ID with the prefix "CI_", defines a pseudo comment for Code Inspector.

These pseudo comments can be used to hide certain warnings from Code Inspector for the statement in question. The possible IDs are documented in Code Inspector or in the output of its messages.

Other versions: 7.31 | 7.40 | 7.54


  • Until now, only the pseudo comments for Code Inspector have not been replaced by other language elements.

  • To hide multiple warnings from a statement with pseudo comments, the statement must span multiple lines.


The following join expression bypasses SAP buffering, which triggers a warning from Code Inspector. If the SELECT statement is part of an application that buffers selected data itself, however, the warning can be hidden as shown here. An additional normal comment is included to make it clear to the reader why the pseudo comment is being used.

SELECT d~object, h~dokldate, h~dokltime   "#EC CI_BUFFJOIN
  FROM dokil AS d                         "Buffering is done
       INNER JOIN dokhl AS h              "by application
         ON h~id         = d~id     AND   "with Shared Objects
            h~object     = d~object AND
            h~typ        = d~typ    AND
            h~langu      = d~langu  AND
            h~dokversion = d~version
  WHERE d~id     = 'SD'     AND
        d~typ    = 'E'      AND
        d~langu = @langu AND
        d~object LIKE 'AB%'