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Introduction to RFC

Remote Function Call (RFC) is an SAP procedure for calling function modules in remote systems.

Communication using the RFC interface can be subdivided into different scenarios depending on the systems involved:

  • AS ABAP - external system
  • AS ABAP - SAP Java
  • AS ABAP - external Java

RFC can be used as a synchronous or asynchronous communication procedure.

There are also different RFC variants designed for different purposes and which therefore have with different service properties:

  • Synchronous RFC (sRFC)
  • Asynchronous RFC (aRFC)
  • Parallel RFC (pRFC)
  • Background RFC (bgRFC)
  • Transactional RFC (tRFC)
  • Queued RFC (qRFC)

Other versions: 7.31 | 7.40 | 7.54

More Information

  • For a detailed description of Remote Function Call, see the

SAP NetWeaver documentation in SAP Help Portal.