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RFC Calls

The following additions of the CALL FUNCTION statement produce a remote function call:

  • DESTINATION for a synchronous RFC (sRFC)

    If the DESTINATION addition is specified without one of the following two additions, the calling program waits until the remotely called function has finished.
  • STARTING NEW TASK for an aynschronous RFC (aRFC) and its parallel RFC variety (pRFC)

    The addition STARTING NEW TASK continues the processing of the calling program as soon as the remotely called function has been started, without waiting for the function to end. The results can be handled in callback routines.
  • The results are received in callback routines. IN BACKGROUND UNIT|TASK for a background RFC (bgRFC) or a transactional RFC (tRFC) and its variant queued RFC (qRFC).

    The addition IN BACKGROUND flags the remotely called function to be executed and starts it using the statement COMMIT WORK.

Other versions: 7.31 | 7.40 | 7.54


BackgroundRFC (bgRFC) is an enhanced successor of tRFC (and qRFC). At the moment, all variants can still be used. However, it is strongly recommended that bgRFC be used instead of tRFC.

More Information

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