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System Fields for Date and Time

The following table shows the system fields that contain information about date and time.

System Field Type Length Content GET TIME
sy-datlo d - User date X
sy-datum d - System date X
sy-dayst c 1 Flag for summer time in the system time zone. During summer time, "X", otherwise " ". -
sy-fdayw b - Factory calendar weekday in the system time zone. "1" for Monday, ..., "5" for Friday. -
sy-timlo t - User time X
sy-tzone i - Time difference between the system time andUTC reference time in seconds, ignoring summer time. -
sy-uzeit t - System time X
sy-zonlo c 6 User time zone -

The values of all system fields in this table are set implicitly when the program is started, every time a screen of a dynpro is sent, and when the internal session is set. The last column of the table shows which of the system fields can be updated explicitly using the statement GET TIME.

The content of sy-zonlo is the user time zone described under System Time Zone and User Time Zone. The local values of sy-datlo and sy-timlo that make reference to the user time zone are determined from the system time and the system date. If sy-zonlo is initial, sy-timlo and sy-datlo have the same values as sy-uzeit and sy-datum.

Other versions: 7.31 | 7.40 | 7.54