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Quick Reference

Other versions: 7.31 | 7.40 | 7.54


DATA enum_var { {TYPE enum_type} 
              | {LIKE enum_dobj} }
              [VALUE val|{IS INITIAL}]


Declares an enumerated variable. An enumerated variable is declared by:

  • Existing enumerated variables

The data type of an enumerated variable is its enumerated type. The enumerated type prescribes the enumerated values that an enumerated variable can contain. The assignment rules for enumerated types and the allowed operand positions for enumerated variables ensure that only valid enumerated values can be assigned to an enumerated variable.

The technical type of the enumerated value in an enumerated variable is the base type of the enumerated type. It is always a flat, elementary type with a maximum length of 16 bytes.


For more information about using enumerated variables, see enumerated objects.


In this example, three enumerated variables are declared:

  • color1 by a TYPE reference to the enumerated type colors
  • color2 by a LIKE reference to color1
  • color3 by an inline declaration with reference to the enumerated type colors

Each enumerated variable is assigned a valid value. The output shows the name of the assigned enumerated constant for each enumerated variable, and the actual value. A special rule for the conversion operator CONV applies to the latter.

  BEGIN OF ENUM colors, 
    red, blue, green, 
  END OF ENUM colors. 

DATA color1 TYPE colors VALUE red. 

DATA color2 LIKE color1 . 
color2 = blue. 

DATA(color3) = VALUE colors( ). 
color3 = green. 

  |{ color1 }: { CONV i( color1 ) }\n| && 
  |{ color2 }: { CONV i( color2 ) }\n| && 
  |{ color3 }: { CONV i( color3 ) }| ).