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FIELD-SYMBOLS - obsolete_typing

Quick Reference

Other versions: 7.31 | 7.40 | 7.54

Obsolete Syntax

... { } | STRUCTURE struc DEFAULT dobj ...


1. ... { }

2. ... STRUCTURE struc DEFAULT dobj


These additions of the statement FIELD-SYMBOLS produce an obsolete typing of the field symbol and are forbidden in classes.

Addition 1

... { }


If no explicit type is specified after FIELD-SYMBOLS, the field symbol is typed implicitly with the fully generic type any. Also, the field symbol is assigned the predefined constant space when the context is loaded. This means that the field symbol is not initial directly after it has been declared, and a check using IS ASSIGNED is true.

Addition 2

... STRUCTURE struc DEFAULT dobj


If the addition STRUCTURE (which is forbidden within classes) is specified for a field symbol instead of typing and struc is a local program structure (a data object, not a data type) or a flat structure from ABAP Dictionary, this structure is cast for the field symbol <fs>. dobj must be used to specify a data object that is assigned to the field symbol as an initial object.

The field symbol inherits the technical attributes of structure struc as if it were completely typed. In the case of a structured data object dobj, this data object must be at least as long as the formal parameter:

  • In the case of a structured data object, its fragment view must match the fragment view of the corresponding initial part of struc.
  • An elementary data object must be character-like and flat and the corresponding initial part of struc can contain only components of this type.

The same applies to assignments of data objects to field symbols typed using STRUCTURE when using the statement ASSIGN.


Field symbols declared using the addition STRUCTURE are a mixture of typed field symbols and a utility for casting to structured data types. The additions TYPE or LIKE of the statement FIELD-SYMBOLS should be used to type field symbols, while the addition CASTING of the statement ASSIGN is used for casting.


The first example shows the obsolete usage of the addition STRUCTURE.

DATA wa1 TYPE c LENGTH 512. 
<scarr1>-carrid = '...'. 

The second example shows the replacement of STRUCTURE with the additions TYPE and CASTING.

DATA wa2 TYPE c LENGTH 512. 
FIELD-SYMBOLS <scarr2> TYPE scarr. 
ASSIGN wa2 TO <scarr2> CASTING. 
<scarr2>-carrid = '...'.

Executable Example

Field Symbols, Cast Structures