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Quick Reference

Other versions: 7.31 | 7.40 | 7.54


SUBMIT {rep|(name)} [selscreen_options] 
                    [AND RETURN].




The statement SUBMIT calls an executable program. The executable program is executed as described under Flow of an Executable Program. If the called program contains a syntax error, an exception is raised that cannot be handled. The name of the called program can be specified as follows:

  • rep
Specified directly and statically as rep.
  • (name)
Specified as the content of a parenthesized flat character-like data object name. The data object name must contain the name of the program accessed in uppercase letters. The following can be specified for name:
  • Literal or constants

    If the data object name is specified as a text field literal or as a constant, it can be evaluated statically and the called program is known as the used object.
  • Variable

    If the data object name is specified as a variable, it is specified only dynamically and the content is not evaluated statically.
When the statement is executed, name is not evaluated until runtime (in both cases). If the program specified in name is not found, a non-handleable exception is raised.

The additions have the following meaning:

When the statement SUBMIT is executed, it is followed by an authorization check (using the authorization object S_PROGRAM) for the authorization group specified in the program attributes. The program attribute Start Using Variant is ignored if SUBMIT is used.

Security Note

If the name of a program unit is specified dynamically when it is called, and this name is passed to a program from outside, the result is a serious security risk. Any names passed to a program from outside must be checked thoroughly before being used in calls. The system class CL_ABAP_DYN_PRG, for example, can be used to do this. See Dynamic Calls.


Call program DEMO_PROGRAM_SUBMIT_REP without returning to the calling program.

SUBMIT demo_program_submit_rep. 




The addition AND RETURN determines the object accessed by the runtime environment after the program is called:

  • If the addition AND RETURN is not specified, the internal session of the program accessed replaces the internal session of the calling program in the same position in the call sequence, with the current SAP LUW being exited. Once program access is completed, the system returns to before the position from which the calling program was started. The content of the system field sy-calld at SUBMIT is copied by the calling program without AND RETURN.
  • The addition AND RETURN starts the executable program in a new internal session of the current call sequence. The session of the calling program and the current SAP LUW are preserved. The called program runs in its own SAP LUW. Once the program call is finished, resumes execution of the program execution is continued after the statement SUBMIT.

The number of internal sessions in a call sequence is restricted to nine. If this is exceeded by SUBMIT ... AND RETURN, the program terminates and the entire call sequence is deleted.



Call program DEMO_PROGRAM_SUBMIT_REP and return to the calling program.

SUBMIT demo_program_submit_rep AND RETURN. 


Non-Handleable Exceptions

  • Cause: The specified program was not found.
    Runtime error: LOAD_PROGRAM_NOT_FOUND
  • Cause: An attempt was made to pass an invalid value to a selection using the addition SIGN.
    Runtime error: SUBMIT_WRONG_SIGN
  • Cause: The specified program is not a report.
    Runtime error: SUBMIT_WRONG_TYPE
  • Cause: An attempt was made to pass more than one value to a report parameter.
  • Cause: An attempt was made to use WITH sel IN itab to pass a table without an appropriate layout to a selection.
  • Cause: An attempt was made to pass a parameter to the selection screen that cannot be converted to the target field.
  • Cause: The called program contains a syntax error.
    Runtime error: SYNTAX_ERROR


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