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SUBMIT - spool_options

Quick Reference

Other versions: 7.31 | 7.40 | 7.54


... SPOOL PARAMETERS pri_params 
    [ARCHIVE PARAMETERS arc_params]


These additions are used to supply the spool request with spool and archiving parameters. The latter are necessary if the spool list is archived using ArchiveLink.

The addition SPOOL PARAMETERS passes the spool parameters in a structure pri_params of data type PRI_PARAMS from ABAP Dictionary. If archiving is specified in pri_params, archiving parameters must be passed using the addition ARCHIVE PARAMETERS in a structure arc_params of data type ARC_PARAMS from ABAP Dictionary.

Structures of data types PRI_PARAMS and ARC_PARAMS must be filled by the function module GET_PRINT_PARAMETERS. When the function module is called, either individual spool parameters or all spool parameters can be set in the program and/or a spool dialog window displayed. The function module creates a set of valid spool and archiving parameters for use as pri_params and arc_params and adds these to its output parameters.

If the structures pri_params or arc_params are initial, the spool parameters or archiving parameters created by a call of the function modules GET_PRINT_PARAMETERS with initial input values are used.

The addition WITHOUT SPOOL DYNPRO suppresses the spool dialog box displayed as standard when the addition TO SAP-SPOOL is used.


  • These additions must always be used as indicated here. It is particularly important that the standard spool dialog box be suppressed. If the standard spool dialog box is used, inconsistent spool parameters may be passed to the program accessed if the user chooses Cancel to exit the GUI window. Instead, the spool dialog window can be displayed by calling the function module GET_PRINT_PARAMETERS. This function module has an output parameter VALID that indicates the consistency of the spool parameters created.
  • Use of the addition WITHOUT SPOOL DYNPRO without passing spool parameters is no longer allowed in ABAP objects. In other objects, the spool parameters are derived from the user master record, if possible.
  • Calling the spool dialog box with SUBMIT TO SAP-SPOOL has the disadvantage that the Back function is not available. After using this kind of statement to switch to spooling, the system cannot return to a point before the statement in question. Printing can only be exited using Exit, which ends the entire program. If Cancel is used to exit, inconsistent spool parameters can be passed to the program. To disconnect the spool dialog box from switching to spooling, it is recommended that the function module GET_PRINT_PARAMETERS is called.
  • The same obsolete additions apply to the statement SUBMIT TO SAP-SPOOL as to the statement NEW-PAGE PRINT ON.


Create a record spool parameter with function module GET_PRINT_PARAMETERS and pass to a called program.

DATA: params TYPE pri_params,
      valid  TYPE c.

  IMPORTING out_parameters = params
            valid          = valid.

IF valid <> space.
                  SPOOL PARAMETERS params.