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Classic Lists

A classical list is a medium used for the structured and formatted output of data. List output is either written to a list buffer as a screen list and displayed on a list dynpro or is sent to the SAP spool system as a spool list.

Other versions: 7.31 | 7.40 | 7.54


Classic lists are no longer intended to be used directly in production programs. The use of other suitable output media is recommended instead.

  • For table list output, the classes of SAP List Viewer (ALV), such as CL_SALV_TABLE, should be used.
  • For simple text output, the wrappers of the browser control, such as dynamic documents or wrappers of the textedit control should be used. Dynpros, Text Output shows an executable example of the latter.
  • For simple console output, XML-based output streams can be used. An example of this is shown by the class CL_DEMO_OUTPUT_STREAM. The program DEMO_OUTPUT_STREAM shows potential uses of this class. The class CL_DEMO_OUTPUT, which is based on CL_DEMO_OUTPUT_STREAM, is used in programs from the ABAP Example Library.


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