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iXML Library - Classes and Interfaces

The following sections list the classes and interfaces of iXML Library.

All object types in iXML Library incorporate the interface IF_IXML_UNKNOWN. Reference variables of this type can point to all objects in iXML Library. The interface IF_IXML_UNKNOWN contains the method QUERY_INTERFACE, which can be used for special down casts within iXML Library.

Other versions: 7.31 | 7.40 | 7.54


  • The required classes and interfaces are documented in Class Builder.

  • Apart from the access class CL_IXML, no classes generally need to be specified directly in a program. All reads and writes are performed using interfaces. Even CL_IXML is required only once, to execute the method CREATE.

  • Each component interface of a composite interface has an alias name, which means that the components of the general interface can always be used directly in the special interface.


iXML Library - Access Class

iXML Library - Streams

iXML Library - Parser

iXML Library - DOM

iXML Library - Renderer

iXML Library - Encoding

iXML Library, Down Casts