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iXML Library - Parsing

XML data is parsed by a validating XML parser, itself created using the iXML factory as follows:

DATA(ixml)  = cl_ixml=>create( ).


DATA(parser) = ixml->create_parser(
                 istream        = ...
                 document       = ...
                 stream_factory = ... ).

The static type of the reference variable parser is then the interface IF_IXML_PARSER. The parser requires the following input parameters:

  • The input stream istream (to be parsed).
  • An XML document document, to which the stream is parsed.
  • A factory stream_factory must be specified. This enables the parser to create appropriate streams if external sources are addressed in the parsed document.

A parser created in this way works like an iterator on the input stream. XML data can be parsed to a DOM representation in a single action or sequential parsing can be used, where the parser stops after certain steps and passes control to the application.

Alongside the parsers created using CREATE_PARSER, the factory method CREATE_TOKEN_PARSER can be used to create a token parser for direct parsing to ABAP data objects.

Other versions: 7.31 | 7.40 | 7.54


A parser is only valid once for the associated input stream and the associated XML document. Once it has parsed the input stream to a document, the parser can be passed to the garbage collector. A parser cannot be reused for the same XML data or for any other data.


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