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Transformations for JSON

The transformations for XML that can be called from ABAP, namely XSL transformations and simple transformations, can also be used for JSON.

  • To call a transformation for JSON data as a source, the following XML sources can be specified in the statement CALL TRANSFORMATION:
  • A string or internal table with JSON data in character-like or byte-like representation.
A JSON reader returns data in the JSON XML format. The JSON data specified as a string or in an internal table is also handled like XML representing JSON data JSON-XML format.

Any XSLT programs and ST programs can be called that can handle JSON-XML:

  • If the source is JSON data, the transformation must process JSON-XML as its input.
  • If the target is JSON data, the transformation must create JSON-XML.

Self-written transformations must be programmed accordingly. The identity transformation ID is handled appropriately internally.

Other versions: 7.31 | 7.40 | 7.54


Self-Written Transformations for JSON

Identity Transformation for JSON

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