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Self-Written Transformations for JSON

Self-written XSLT programs and simple transformations enable the following transformations:

  • Serialization of ABAP data objects to JSON
  • An XSL transformation accesses the asXML representation of the connected ABAP data, created internally. Its task is to transform asXML to JSON-XML.
  • A simple transformation accesses the connected ABAP data directly. Its task is to create a valid JSON-XML representation.
  • Deserialization from JSON to ABAP data objects:
  • The task of a an XSL transformation is to transform JSON-XML to an asXML representation of the connected ABAP data objects.
  • The task of a simple transformation is to process JSON-XML and write the data to the connected ABAP data objects.
  • XSL transformations between JSON and XML or between JSON and JSON.
  • Transformations can be called between JSON-XML and any XML or between JSON-XML and JSON-XML.

Other versions: 7.31 | 7.40 | 7.54

Executable Example

Simple Transformation for Internal Tables