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ABAP Objects - Overview

ABAP Objects is the object-oriented part of ABAP.

ABAP Objects adds a complete set of language elements to ABAP (previously only a procedural language) that allow object-oriented programming. This object-oriented extension of ABAP builds on the previous range of languages, and is fully compatible with them. ABAP Objects can be used in existing programs, and the statements that can be used in ABAP Objects correspond to practically all of the remaining SAP language scope. Certain obsolete language elements, however, are not permitted in conjunction with ABAP objects due to a previous cleanup of the ABAP language.

ABAP Objects supports:

Other versions: 7.31 | 7.40 | 7.54


The package SABAP_DEMOS_CAR_RENTAL contains a complete example application written in ABAP Objects. Its presentation logic is implemented using a dynpro or Web Dynpro. The Web Dynpro calls interface methods that are implemented in a class and that, in turn, access classes that implement database accesses.

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Object Orientation

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Friends - Friendship Between Classes


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