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AMDP - Database Connections

An AMDP method is always implemented on the standard database. By default, the call is made using the standard connection. An optional service connection can be specified for an AMDP procedure implementation.

To specify the database connection explicitly, an input parameter (with the predefined name connection) can be declared for an AMDP procedure implementation. This parameter must be of type DBCON_NAME. When the AMDP method is called, the following values can be passed to the parameter to specify the database connection:

  • When the initial value or the value "DEFAULT" is passed, the standard connection is used.
  • When a name "R/3*name" is passed, which consists of the prefix "R/3*" (uppercase characters) and a user-defined name "name" (case sensitive), a service connection of this name to the standard database is used. The names "R/3*AMDP_SYNC" and "R/3*AMDP_ADBC" are exceptions. They are used by the AMDP framework itself.

All other names raise an exception.

Other versions: 7.31 | 7.40 | 7.54


  • Detailed information about database connections can be found here.

  • The parameter connection cannot be used to implement the AMDP method.

  • The parameter connection cannot be used to specify connections to databases other than the standard database.

  • Service connections to the standard database are useful for performing operations in a database LUW, which does not depend on the LUW of the standard connection.

Executable Example

AMDP Method with Specified Service Connection