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AMDP Macros

Other versions: 7.31 | 7.40 | 7.54


... "$ABAP.macro( ... )" ...


Specifies an AMDP macro in an AMDP method, which is implemented in an SQLScript. An AMDP macro is always specified in double quotation marks and always introduced with $ABAP. The macro itself is specified with macro. The relevant parameters for the chosen macro can be specified in the parentheses. The format for $ABAP is case-sensitive. The format for macro is not case-sensitive.

The ABAP runtime environment replaces a AMDP, including the quotation marks, during the implementation on the database, in accordance with the rule for the relevant macro. The following macros are currently predefined:

No other macros can be specified. In particular, no custom macros can be defined.


  • The syntax for macros is currently only possible in the implementation language SQLScript.

  • Macros, which are specified in comments or in single quotation marks, are not replaced.


AMDP - Macro for ABAP Types

AMDP - Macro for Logical Schemas