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ABAP BDL - DEFINE BEHAVIOR, in class unique

Other versions: 7.31 | 7.40 | 7.54


... [implementation] in class ClassName unique


A behavior definition can specify one or more global classes that allow the behavior implementation of a business object. This can be specified in two places:

  • In the header of the business object behavior definition.
implementation unmanaged|managed in class ClassName unique;
  define behavior for CDSEntityName alias AliasName

  • In the behavior definition of each CDS entity.
implementation unmanaged|managed;
  define behavior for CDSEntityName alias AliasName
    implementation in class ClassName unique

A specification for each business object applies to all entities that do not have their own specification for define behavior (that is, a definition for a single entity overwrites the definition for each business object).

Effect of specifying in class ClassName unique:

  • Behavior for the entity in question can only be implemented in a behavior pool with the specified name ClassName. Any other class that attempts this raises an ABAP Compiler error.