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Business Object

A business object in the ABAP RESTful Programming Model provides following functions:

  • A data model that defines the data structure explicitly (such as relations between datasets, data semantics, and their restrictions).
  • The behavior of the data model, consisting of:
  • The lifecycle of the data (such as create, update, and delete)
  • Further operations performed on data (such as actions)
  • Transactional properties of the data model (such as the implementation type).

The formal structure of a business object consists of a tree of entities joined by associations. The ABAP RESTful Programming Model uses ABAP CDS to define the data model for business objects. Each business object contains a top node (the leading entity) known as the root entity.

The behavior of the business object is defined in a behavior definition and implemented in an associated behavior implementation.

Other versions: 7.31 | 7.40 | 7.54