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ABAP CDS - SAP Annotations

SAP annotations are CDS annotations created and delivered by SAP as CDS objects in the form of CDS annotation definitions.

The annotation definitions provide the following for these objects:

  • The name of the annotation

Any SAP annotations specified in annotation syntax in CDS source code are evaluated by SAP. These include:

ABAP annotations are evaluated when the object defined in the CDS source code is activated or when the object is used in the ABAP runtime environment. Framework-specific annotations, on the other hand, are evaluated by frameworks of other software components. An ABAP annotation can also be evaluated by frameworks of other software components. Any application annotations that are not evaluated by a framework are ignored.

Other versions: 7.31 | 7.40 | 7.54


  • Apart from the SAP annotations delivered by SAP, no annotations should currently be specified in CDS source code.

  • The program ABAP_DOCU_CDS_ANNOS_OVERVIEW shows all SAP annotations and their properties.


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