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ABAP CDS - cond_expr, LIKE

Other versions: 7.31 | 7.40 | 7.54


... lhs LIKE rhs [ESCAPE esc]...


Pattern comparison in a condition in a CDS view. The relational expression is true if the string in lhs matches the pattern in rhs. The same rules apply to lhs as to comparisons and only operands of the comparable types can be specified. Of these, only character-like data types can be used. Only character-like literals without domain prefix are allowed for rhs.

The wildcard characters % for any strings and _ for any character can be used in the pattern in rhs. The optional addition ESCAPE can be used to define an escape character. esc expects a single-character character-like literal without domain prefix. In the pattern in rhs, an escape character may only be placed before a wildcard character or before the escape character itself. In this case, these lose their special meaning.


  • The # character is recommended for the escape character esc.

  • Patterns in rhs closed by the wildcard characters % or _ should not be used to find trailing blanks, since the result is determined by the database platform in question and may be unexpected.