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ABAP CDS - Obsolete Client Handling in Table Functions

Before the annotation @ClientHandling.type with the values #CLIENT_DEPENDENT and #CLIENT_INDEPENDENT was introduced, the client dependency of a CDS table function was switched on and off using the annotation ClientDependent with the values true and false.

  • The annotation ClientDependent:true works like @ClientHandling.type:#CLIENT_DEPENDENT.
  • The annotation ClientDependent:false works like @ClientHandling.type:#CLIENT_INDEPENDENT.

Only the annotation @ClientHandling.type should now be used in new CDS table functions. The annotations @ClientHandling and @ClientDependent cannot be used together in the definition of a CDS table function. If neither of the annotations @ClientHandling.type and @ClientDependent is specified, the default value of @ClientHandling.type applies.

Other versions: 7.31 | 7.40 | 7.54