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concat_lines_of - Concatenation Function

Other versions: 7.31 | 7.40 | 7.54


... concat_lines_of( [table =] itab [sep = sep] ) ...


This function concatenates all row contents of an internal table itab and returns the result as a character string. itab expects an index table with character-like row type. itab is a functional operand position.

sep can be used to specify a string as a separator, which is then inserted between the rows. sep is a character-like expression position. If sep is not specified, the row contents of the internal table are appended to each other directly. If the row types or the argument sep have a fixed length, trailing blanks are ignored.

The formal parameter table must be specified explicitly only if sep is also specified.

The return code has the type string.


The concatenation operator && can be used to concatenate elementary character strings.


This function returns "ABAP Objects".

TYPES: c80  TYPE c LENGTH 80, 
       itab TYPE TABLE OF c80 WITH EMPTY KEY. 

DATA(itab) = VALUE itab( ( 'ABAP' ) ( 'Objects' ) ). 

  concat_lines_of( table = itab sep = ` ` ) ).