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Creating a Data Object as a Shared Object

This example demonstrates how a data object is created in an area instance version.

Other versions: 7.31 | 7.40 | 7.54

Source Code

    DATA: handle TYPE REF TO cl_demo_area,
          root   TYPE REF TO cl_demo_root,
          exc    TYPE REF TO cx_shm_attach_error.

    FIELD-SYMBOLS <fs> TYPE any.

    DATA(out) = cl_demo_output=>new( ).

        handle = cl_demo_area=>attach_for_write( ).
        CREATE OBJECT root AREA HANDLE handle.
        handle->set_root( root ).
        CREATE DATA root->dref AREA HANDLE handle TYPE string.
        ASSIGN root->dref->* TO <fs>.
        <fs> = `String in shared memory`.
        handle->detach_commit( ).
      CATCH cx_shm_attach_error INTO exc.
        out->display( exc->get_text( ) ).
      CATCH cx_shm_external_type.
        out->display( 'Type cannot be used' ).

        handle = cl_demo_area=>attach_for_read( ).
        ASSIGN handle->root->dref->* TO <fs>.
        out->display( <fs> ).
        handle->detach( ).
      CATCH cx_shm_attach_error INTO exc.
        out->display( exc->get_text( ) ).


The addition AREA HANDLE is used to create an anonymous data object of type string as a shared object in an area instance version of the area CL_DEMO_AREA. The generically typed attribute dref of the area root class CL_DEMO_ROOT is used as a reference variable. A field symbol is used to dereference the data reference and assign a value to the anonymous data object.

Once the method DETACH_COMMIT completes the write, a read is performed to demonstrate how the objects in the shared memory are accessed. An access of this type can also be made in another program, as long as the area instance version exists in the shared memory.