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Any errors that occur when using dynamic SQL statements with ADBC raise exceptions of the class CX_SQL_EXCEPTION. Alongside its exception texts, this class has the following instance attributes, whose contents indicate the cause of the error:

Attribute Meaning
DB_ERROR "X", if an SQL statement was not executed by DBMS. SQL_CODE and SQL_MESSAGE contain further information in this case.
DBOBJECT_EXISTS "X", if a database object that already exists is created. DB_ERROR is also "X" in this case.
DBOBJECT_NOT_EXISTS "X", if a database object that does not exist is accessed. DB_ERROR is also "X" in this case.
DUPLICATE_KEY "X", if a DML statement would violate a unique table key. DB_ERROR is also "X" in this case.
INTERNAL_ERROR Internal error code in the DBMS. Further troubleshooting is possible by reading the log files and trace files.
INVALID_CURSOR "X", if an invalid or closed database cursor is used.
SQL_CODE Database-specific error code, if DB_ERROR is "X".
SQL_MESSAGE Database-specific error message, if DB_ERROR is "X".

Other versions: 7.31 | 7.40 | 7.54