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Date fields, time fields, and time stamp fields as source fields

Other versions: 7.31 | 7.40 | 7.54


  • The conversion rules are designed so that operands of the types d and t display character-like behavior in character-like operand positions and numeric behavior in numeric operand positions.

  • In the case of a substring access to an operand of the type d or t, the substring is handled like an operand of the type n and the relevant conversion rules apply.

  • Operands of the type utclong can only be converted to the types c and string.


Converting a target field with the value 144414 to different target types. The type-friendly formatted output is 53054, 144414, CF3E. The number 53054 is the number of seconds since midnight for the time 144414.

DATA time TYPE t VALUE '144414'. 

  |i:       { CONV i( time ) }\n| && 
  |string:  { CONV string( time ) }\n| && 
  |xstring: { CONV xstring( time ) }\n| ).


Source Field Type d

Source Field Type t

Source Field Type utclong