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Flagging of Obsolete Data in Check Tables

Rows in check tables can be flagged as deprecated or invalid data. If the associated check on deprecated data is active, the flag modifies the input check and input help in dynpros and in Web Dynpro.

Checks on deprecated data are active by default when an internal session is created. This setting can be modified and read using methods of the class CL_CONFIGURATION_DEPRECATION:

  • The parameter I_RESPECT_OBSOLETE_VALUES of the method SET_DEPRECATION_ACTIVE can be used to enable and disable the deprecated data check for the current session.
  • If the check on deprecated data is active, the return value of the method DEPRECATION_IS_ACTIVE has the value of abap_true.

A column with the predefined name CONFIGURATIONDEPRECATIONCODE is used to flag deprecated data in check tables. The data type of this column must be defined using the data element CONFIG_DEPRECATION_CODE. The following values are valid for this column:

Value Meaning
Blank The entry is valid.
W The entry is deprecated and should no longer be used.
E The entry is invalid and can no longer be used.

If the deprecated data check is enabled, the implicit input checks and input helps in dynpros and in Web Dynpro that are based on check tables evaluate the column CONFIGURATIONDEPRECATIONCODE as follows:

  • The input check creates the following:
  • A warning (if a deprecated value is entered)
  • An error message (if an invalid value is entered)
  • The input help offers the following:
  • Only the valid data and the deprecated data
  • No invalid data

Other versions: 7.31 | 7.40 | 7.54


  • If input helps are based on search helps associated with check tables, the deprecated data check runs accordingly.

  • If the input check is implemented using a PAI module, the column CONFIGURATIONDEPRECATIONCODE must be evaluated in the PAI module itself.

Executable Example

Flagging of Deprecated Data in Check Tables


Flagging of Deprecated Data in Check Tables