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A domain is a standalone dictionary object that defines technical and semantic attributes of elementary data types. Data elements can be defined with reference to a domain and inherit its attributes. Domains can only be used in data elements. A domain can be used by any number of data elements.

Other versions: 7.31 | 7.40 | 7.54


  • Domains are located in a different namespace from data types. A domain can have the exact same name as a data type and, more particularly, a data element.

  • Redundant domains within an application component or a package should be avoided. Domains that only have technical attributes must be created as reusable domains in central basis packages. One example is the domain CHAR255.

  • The fixed values of a domain can be used as special literals in CDS views as well as the full domain being used in data elements.

  • A domain describes the attributes of an elementary data type but is not a data type itself. More specifically, a domain cannot be specified after a TYPE addition in ABAP.


Technical Attributes of Domains

Semantic Attributes of Domains