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A structure in ABAP Dictionary defines a structured type that contains other data types as components. These components can be:

  • Elementary data types
  • Reference types
  • Structured types
  • Table types

A structure that contains other structures as components is called a nested structure. Structure components are substructures and substructures can themselves be nested. A structure that contains a reference type or a table type as a direct or nested component is a deep structure. A structure that contains only elementary data types as direct or nested components is a flat structure. An internal program object declared with reference to a structure is a data object structured correspondingly (or structure for short).

A structure in ABAP Dictionary can be included in another structure as an include structure, with the components of the included structure being added as the components of the including structure.

Structures can be defined as form-based structures in transaction SE11 or as source-code-based structures using Dictionary DDL the ABAP Development Tools. The following section is a summary of the syntax of the source code-based definition:

Other versions: 7.31 | 7.40 | 7.54


  • Mesh types cannot currently be defined in ABAP Dictionary.

  • When a dynpro field references a component of a structure in ABAP Dictionary, it is important that the structure is declared using TABLES to enable a data transport between the dynpro and the ABAP program; only flat structures are suitable here.

Programming Guideline

Names of structure components


The structure SOADDRESS for the address of a SAPoffice user is a nested structure with substructures.


Technical Attributes of Structures

Semantic Attributes of Structures

Include Structures

Dictionary DDL for Structure Definitions