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Semantic Attributes of Structures

Structures in ABAP Dictionary can be given the following semantic attributes:

  • Short text of the structure
Each structure has a short description specified when it is created.
  • Documentation
A structure can be given (optional) documentation.
  • Short text of components
Each component is assigned a short text description used in any references to an existing type. A custom text can be specified if the type is defined directly.
  • Output style of components
A component with the directly specified type of a decimal floating point number can be assigned an output style for dynpros .
A component of the same or a different structure (or database table or view) must be defined as a reference field (with the built-in data type CUKY or UNIT) for each currency field with the type CURR and for each quantity field with the type QUAN. This field is the currency key or unit key that specifies the currency or the unit. A table in which a reference field is defined is called a reference table.
  • Check table
Like table fields of database tables, structure components can be assigned check tables. This is useful for structures included in database tables and which become part of the their foreign keys.
  • Search help
Structure components whose data type is specified by a data element with elementary data type can be assigned a search help. This is only useful, however, for components used for input fields on UIs.
  • Key field and flag for initial values
Like table fields of database tables, structure components can be defined as key fields and can be assigned a flag for initial values. This is relevant for structures that are included in database tables. The table fields are then given these attributes. Components of structures used as lock parameters in a lock object must continue to be defined as key fields.

Other versions: 7.31 | 7.40 | 7.54


Structure components whose type is defined using data elements and not by being defined directly have the additional semantic attributes of the data elements.