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Other versions: 7.31 | 7.40 | 7.54


...  WITH VALUE HELP value_help 
       WHERE parameter1 = structure.component1
         [AND parameter2 = structure.component2 ...] ...


Assigns a search help to a structure component whose data type is defined by a data element with an elementary data type in the definition of a structure using the statement DEFINE STRUCTURE in Dictionary DDL. Here, value_help is an existing search help in ABAP Dictionary. All parameters of the search help must be associated with structure components after WHERE.


The addition WITH VALUE HELP can be used, with the same meaning, in the definition of a database using DEFINE TABLE.


Defines elementary components with reference to data elements and binds a search help to the second component.

define structure struct {
  comp1 : s_carr_id;
  comp2 : s_conn_id
    with value help demo_f4_field
      where carrid = struct.comp1
        and connid = struct.comp2;