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DEFINE TABLE - foreign_key_annos

Other versions: 7.31 | 7.40 | 7.54


[@@AbapCatalog.foreignKey.label : '...'] 
[@@AbapCatalog.foreignKey.keyType : key_type]
[@@AbapCatalog.foreignKey.screenCheck : true|false]
[@@AbapCatalog.foreignKey.messageClass : msg_cls]
[@@AbapCatalog.foreignKey.messageNumber : msg_no]


Annotations used to specify properties for a foreign key dependency of a table field defined using foreign_key in the definition of a database table using the Dictionary DDL statement DEFINE TABLE.

  • In quotation marks, @foreignKey.label defines the short text of the foreign key in the original language of the database table.
  • @AbapCatalog.foreignKey.screenCheck enables or disables the foreign key dependency for the input check.
  • @AbapCatalog.foreignKey.messageClass and @AbapCatalog.foreignKey.messageNumber specify the message class msg_class and message number msg_no for the message of the input check.


See foreign_key.