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DEFINE TABLE - table_annos

Other versions: 7.31 | 7.40 | 7.54


@AbapCatalog.tableCategory : table_cat 
@AbapCatalog.dataMaintenance : data_maint
@AbapCatalog.deliveryClass : deliv_class

[@AbapCatalog.activationType : act_type]
[@AbapCatalog.replacementObject : '...']


Annotations for specifying table properties in the definition of a database table using the statement DEFINE TABLE in the Dictionary DDL.

Mandatory Definitions

  • @AbapCatalog.tableCategory defines the table category. table_cat can be specified as:

Optional Definitions

  • @AbapCatalog.tableCategory defines the activation type of the database table. This setting is not relevant for database tables in application programming. act_type can be specified as:

  • @AbapCatalog.replacementObject defines the name of a replacement object in quotation marks.


Annotations in the definition of the database table DEMO_SUMDIST in the Dictionary DDL of the ABAP Development Tools. This table has the CDS view DEMO_CDS_SUMDIST as its replacement object.

@EndUserText.label : 'Aggregation Table with Replacement Object'
@AbapCatalog.enhancementCategory : #NOT_EXTENSIBLE
@AbapCatalog.tableCategory : #TRANSPARENT
@AbapCatalog.deliveryClass : #A
@AbapCatalog.dataMaintenance : #LIMITED
@AbapCatalog.replacementObject : 'demo_cds_sumdist'
define table demo_sumdist {
  key client   : mandt not null;
  key carrname : s_carrname not null;
  key distid   : s_distid not null;
  @Semantics.quantity.unitOfMeasure : 'demo_sumdist.distid'
  sum_distance : s_distance; }