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Other versions: 7.31 | 7.40 | 7.54


  ENTITY entity_name
     FROM it_instance
       RESULT it_result | DATA(it_result)
     BY \assoc_name FROM it_instance_rba
       RESULT it_result_rba | DATA(it_result_rba)
       LINK   it_link_rba | DATA(it_link_rba)
     EXECUTE action_name FROM it_instance_a
       RESULT it_result_a | DATA(it_result_a)
       LINK   it_link_a | DATA(it_link_a)
    [FAILED   it_failed | DATA(it_failed)]
    [REPORTED it_reported | DATA(it_reported)].


The short form READ ENTITY is intended for the special case where only a single entity is operated on. In this case, accessing via the business object (the root entity root_name) would not be necessary.

The following points apply for the syntax of the statement READ ENTITY:

  • The ENTITY entity_name is specified once.
  • An alias of the entity cannot be used since no context of the business object is known.
  • This is followed by a list of operations on the entity according to the schema:
        ENTITY entity_name
           [operation ...]

For more information on syntax elements, see READ ENTITIES.