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= - Assign Return Values and Results

Other versions: 7.31 | 7.40 | 7.54


destination = meth( ) |
func( ) |
constr_expr | table_expr . 


If one of the following calls or expressions is specified on the right side of the assignment operator =, its return value or result is determined and assigned to the left side, destination. If necessary, type-dependent conversions are performed in accordance with the conversion rules. The following items are possible on the right side:

  • A built-in function func( ). The type of the return value (which in some numeric functions can be dependent on the data type of the argument) must match the type of the left side.
  • A constructor expression constr_expr. The type of the result is determined by the type specified for the constructor expression and must match the type of the left side.

The following can be specified for destination:

  • A variable that is compatible with the return value or to whose type the return value or result can be converted.
  • An inline declaration DATA(var). The data type of the declared variable var is the statically known type of the return value or result.


If an arithmetic expression is specified as an argument for one of the overloaded numeric functions, the function itself works like an arithmetic expression and its assignment is one of the assignments of arithmetic expressions. This can cause the conversions to be performed in a different order.


Assigns the return value of a method to an internal table declared inline.

  DATA(itab) = m2( ).