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Accessing the MIME Repository Using ICF

This example demonstrates how the MIME repository is accessed using a HTTP service in ICF.

Other versions: 7.31 | 7.40 | 7.54

Source Code

    IF icf_node IS INITIAL.

      `<html><body><basefont face="arial">`                &&
      `Picture from MIME Repository

`               &&
       `<img src="` && icf_node
                    && `/ABAP_Docu_Logo.gif?sap-client=`
                    && sy-mandt
                   && `">`                               &&
       `</body></html>`  ).


If a path to a HTTP service from ICF is constructed in the same way in transaction SICF as the path to a MIME repository node and the handler class CL_HTTP_EXT_WEBDAV_PUBLIC is assigned to the service, the service can be used to access the MIME objects of this node directly.

The example contains the node /sap/public/bc/abap/mime_demo in both the transaction SICF and in the MIME repository. The image ABAP_Docu_Logo.gif is saved in the MIME repository under this node. The handler class CL_HTTP_EXT_WEBDAV_PUBLIC is assigned to the ICF node. The name of the image can be added to the URL of the service and used to access the image directly.

See also the executable example for accessing objects from the MIME repository using the associated API.