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Standard for 8-bit character sets whose first 128 characters are identical to ASCII. The associated code pages ISO-8859-1, -9, -14, and -15 (Latin1, -5, -8, and -9) cover the western European characters; ISO-8859-2 (Latin2) covers most eastern European characters; ISO-8859-3 (Latin3) contains characters for Esperanto and Maltese; ISO-8859-4, -10, and -13 (Latin4, -6, and -7) cover the northern European (Baltic, Greenlandic, and Lapp) characters. Also covered are: Cyrillic (ISO-8859-5), Arabic (ISO-8859-6), Greek (ISO-8859-7), Hebrew (ISO-8859-8), and Thai (ISO-8859-11).

Other versions: 7.31 | 7.40 | 7.54