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Lossless Assignments

A lossless assignment is an assignment between incompatible data types in which the conversion is checked to see whether data is lost. Lossless assignments can be performed using the

This makes it possible to use lossless assignments in all operand positions in which EXACT can be specified.

The real meaning of a lossless assignment is the following method of using a constructor expression with EXACT as the right side of an assignment:

Other versions: 7.31 | 7.40 | 7.54


destination = EXACT #( source ).
In this case, source is converted to the data type of destination and checked accordingly.


  • When assigning structures component by component using MOVE-CORRESPONDING, there is an addition EXACT for lossless assignments.

  • Using the addition EXACT in the obsolete statement MOVE is an obsolete form of lossless assignment.


EXACT - Lossless Operator

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