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ABAP SQL in Release 7.52

1. Internal tables as data sources

2. Relational expressions

3. Conversion functions

4. Path expressions

5. Access control

6. ORDER BY and UP TO, OFFSET in subquery

7. Cardinality in LEFT OUTER JOIN

8. FOR ALL ENTRIES and strings in the SELECT list

9. Strict mode in the syntax check

10. Client handling

11. Replacement service for ABAP SQL

Other versions: 7.31 | 7.40 | 7.54

Modification 1

Internal Tables as Data Sources

An internal table can be specified as a data source data source of a query. This statement cannot be executed on all database systems, if the data from the internal table needs to be passed to the database.

Modification 2

Relational Expressions

The following is now possible for conditions in expressions:

  • Size comparisons can now be made between character-like data types and are no longer restricted to numeric data types.
  • The operator BETWEEN is also no longer restricted to numeric data types and SQL expressions can now be specified on the right side.
  • The operator LIKE is now also supported.

Modification 3

Conversion Functions

The new type conversion functions BINTOHEX and HEXTOBIN make it possible to convert byte strings to character strings (and the other way round) in SQL expressions, which is not possible with a CAST expression.

Modification 4

Path Expressions

The following is now possible for path expressions:

  • Path expressions can now be split over several source code rows at the blanks in the syntax for parameter passes and filter conditions and also before slashes (/).
  • Associations can now be used whose target data sources are CDS table functions.
  • Parameters can now be passed after the associations of a path expression. This makes it possible to specify paths whose associations have CDS entities with input parameters as data sources.
  • In path expressions, it is now possible to specify the cardinality and type of the join expression as attributes.
  • Filter conditions for associations can now be specified in path expressions.

Modification 5

Access Control

The new addition WITH PRIVILEGED ACCESS switches CDS access control off.

Modification 6

ORDER BY and UP TO, OFFSET in Subquery

In a subquery, it is now possible to use an ORDER BY clause and the additions UP TO, OFFSET can be used after the clause. It is not possible to execute a subquery with an ORDER BY clause on all database systems

Modification 7

Cardinality in LEFT OUTER JOIN

In a LEFT OUTER JOIN, an addition ONE TO MANY can now be specified for the cardinality. This is evaluated as a note for optimization by SAP HANA databases.

Modification 8

FOR ALL ENTRIES and Strings in the SELECT List

In the previous strict modes of the syntax check, the addition FOR ALL ENTRIES of statement SELECT could not be specified together with columns of the types STRING and RAWSTRING or LCHR and LRAW in the SELECT list. This restriction has been removed and now the syntax check simply issues a warning.

Modification 9

Strict Mode in the Syntax Check

If one the new features listed above is used in an ABAP SQL statement, the syntax check is performed in a strict mode, which handles the statement more strictly than the regular syntax check.

Modification 10

Client Handling

The following (stricter) rules for the additions USING CLIENT and CLIENT SPECIFIED now apply when switching and disabling implicit client handling in reads on CDS entities:

  • CDS access control does not work for cross-client access. For this reason, the additions USING CLIENT and CLIENT SPECIFIED can only be used in ABAP SQL in reads on CDS entities for which access control is switched off using the annotation AccessControl.authorizationCheck.#NOT_ALLOWED or the addition WITH PRIVILEGED ACCESS in the FROM clause of an ABAP SQL query.
  • Path expressions can only be evaluated if automatic client handling is switched on. This cannot be done using CLIENT SPECIFIED in cases where path expressions are used that contain associations whose target data source is client-specific In path expressions in the FROM clause, the source data sources of the associations cannot be client-specific either.

Modification 11

Replacement Service for ABAP SQL

CL_OSQL_REPLACE unit tests ABAP Unit