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Blank-Separated Lists

The following lists of an ABAP SQL statement can still be specified with blanks as separators instead of commas, unless one of the strict modes of the syntax check applies from Release 7.40, SP05.

  • When columns are specified after GROUP BY

    ... GROUP BY col1 col2 ...
  • When columns are specified after ORDER BY

                 {col2|a2} [ASCENDING|DESCENDING]

These formats are obsolete. Lists should always be separated by commas.

Other versions: 7.31 | 7.40 | 7.54


SELECT statement with comma-separated lists.

SELECT carrid connid
       FROM spfli
       INTO (carrid, connid)
       WHERE carrid = carrid AND
             connid = connid
       ORDER BY carrid connid.

Recommended format with comma-separated lists, which force the use of the escape character @ before host variables.

SELECT carrid, connid
       FROM spfli
       WHERE carrid = @carrid AND
             connid = @connid
       ORDER BY carrid, connid
       INTO (@carrid, @connid).