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Strict Mode in Release 7.50

Other versions: 7.31 | 7.40 | 7.54

Conditions for the Strict Mode

The strict mode of the syntax check in Release 7.50 applies to all ABAP SQL statements that use one of the following attributes introduced in Release 7.50:

  • In an ON condition
  • Comparison of columns or expressions of the types DF16_DEC or DF34_DEC with other numeric types (except with itself) or comparison of columns of expressions of the type SSTRING with other types (except with itself) in a CASE expression.
  • When specified, columns on the right side of an interval condition BETWEEN
  • CDS entities used together with database tables or classic views in a SELECT statement.

Rules for the Strict Mode

The strict mode in Release 7.50 covers all rules of the strict mode in Release 7.40, SP08, plus the following rules:

  • The INTO clause must be specified as the last clause of a SELECT statement and the optional additions of the SELECT statement must be specified after the INTO clause.
  • If an OPEN CURSOR statement is checked in accordance with the rules of the strict mode from Release 7.50, all host variables must be prefixed with the escape character @ in the statements FETCH and CLOSE CURSOR that access the open cursor.
  • If it is not possible to make a lossless read on a literal, a syntax error occurs.


If used in the statements FETCH and CLOSE CURSOR, the escape character @ is ignored by the checks made on the associated statement OPEN CURSOR.