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Strict Mode in Release 7.52

Other versions: 7.31 | 7.40 | 7.54

Conditions for the Strict Mode

The strict mode of the syntax check in Release 7.52 applies to all ABAP SQL statements that use one of the following attributes introduced in Release 7.52:

  • Use of the addition FOR ALL ENTRIES of statement SELECT together with columns of the types STRING and RAWSTRING and also LCHR and LRAW in the SELECT list in a strict mode.
  • Internal table as the data source data_source of a query
  • The cardinality or the kind of the join expression are specified as attributes.

Rules for the Strict Mode

The strict mode in Release 7.52 covers all rules of the strict mode in Release 7.51, plus the following rules:

  • When the addition USING CLIENT is used in a query that accesses a CDS entity, this access is known statically, and CDS access control applies, a syntax error occurs.