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Strict Mode in Release 7.54

Other versions: 7.31 | 7.40 | 7.54

Conditions for the Strict Mode

The strict mode of the syntax check in Release 7.54 applies to all ABAP SQL statements that use one of the following attributes introduced in Release 7.54:

  • Use of the new data types from ABAP Dictionary in a CAST expression or after the addition AS of the aggregate function AVG.
  • Use of the built-in function UUID.
  • Evaluation of value tuples in a relational expression using the operator IN.

Rules for the Strict Mode

The strict mode in Release 7.54 covers all rules of the strict mode in Release 7.53, plus the following rules:

  • An alias name defined using AS for columns of the results set in a SELECT list or for data sources in the FROM clause must comply with the naming conventions for internal program names and the name table_line cannot be used. More specifically, an alias name cannot contain a minus character (-).
  • If strict mode is applied to the statement FETCH, it is also applied to the associated statement OPEN CURSOR. If the rules are broken in OPEN CURSOR, an exception of the class CX_SY_DYNAMIC_OSQL_SEMANTICS is raised.
  • The obsolete use of the addition CLIENT SPECIFIED is forbidden in the statement SELECT in queries and subqueries.
  • The obsolete use of the addition CLIENT SPECIFIED in write statements is forbidden.