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Names for Individual Operands

An individual operand, meaning an operand that is not an expression, can be elementary or made up of components. Composite operands are:

  • Structured data types or data objects (structure)
  • Instances of classes (objects)
  • Classes
  • Interfaces

Accordingly, names for operands are either elementary names or names constructed from multiple names separated by component selectors. An elementary name is used for addressing:

  • elementary operands
  • components that are unique in the current context
  • superunits made up of components

Naming conventions apply to the elementary names. Composite names with component selectors are used for addressing individual components. A component can itself be a superunit of further components. Subcomponents can be addressed by chaining multiple names.

Other versions: 7.31 | 7.40 | 7.54


As well as the component selectors specified here, ABAP SQL has a column selector (~).


Structure Component Selector

Object Component Selector

Class Component Selector

Interface Component Selector

Dereferencing Operator