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Spooling Lists

The "spooling" of lists means the list output is not put in the list buffer for screen lists, instead it is passed, page by page, to the SAP spool system. After a page has been passed, it is deleted from the ABAP runtime environment and only exists in the SAP spool system.

The size of a spool list is therefore only limited by the intake capacity of the spool system, and can be very large. On the other hand, when spool lists are created, it is not possible to refer to previous pages.

Each spooling of list output is associated with a spool request. The list pages that are passed to a spool request comprise a spool list. The spool list of a spool request can be

  • kept in the spool system,
  • printed on a printer, or

For the spooling of lists, both the activation and deactivation of spooling and the association with spool requests are important.

The following topics also play a role in spooling lists:

Other versions: 7.31 | 7.40 | 7.54


Separate solutions are provided for form-based output of data, instead of spool lists. For example, search the SAP Help Portal for the term "form".


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