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spool parameter

For every spool request, spool parameters must be defined that are used to format the spool list when the list is created, and to control the request.

In the ABAP statements NEW-PAGE PRINT ON and SUBMIT TO SAP-SPOOL the spool parameters are specified in a structure of type PRI_PARAMS from ABAP Dictionary. Spool parameters can be enhanced by archiving parameters if the data of the spool request is to be archived using ArchiveLink. To do this, optical archiving using ArchiveLink is switched on (archiving mode 2 or 3) in the spool parameters. Archiving parameters are specified in a structure of type ARC_PARAMS from ABAP Dictionary.

The spool parameters are specified either explicitly or implicitly. The end user can set them directly in the spool dialog box or the spool parameters can be set in the program code.

Other versions: 7.31 | 7.40 | 7.54


The content of the structures PRI_PARAMS and ARC_PARAMS cannot be modified directly in programs; only the function module GET_PRINT_PARAMETERS can be used for this.


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