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Access to Objects in SAP HANA XS

SAP HANA XS (SAP HANA Extended Application Services) covers tools used to develop, manage, and execute native objects on the SAP HANA platform. This section describes the different ways of accessing SAP HANA XS objects from ABAP programs. Two SAP HANA XS versions are distinguished here:

Other versions: 7.31 | 7.40 | 7.54


SAP HANA XSA replaces SAP HANA XSC. The access methods designed specifically for XSC objects are not suitable for XSA objects. After all XSC objects are migrated to XSA, the access methods designed for XSC are mostly obsolete. More information can be found in SAP Note 2465027.


Access to SAP HANA XSA Objects

Access to SAP HANA XSC Objects