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Access to SAP HANA XSC Objects

SAP HANA XSC (SAP HANA Extended Application Services Classic Model) is the predecessor version of SAP HANA XSA.

The development and administration perspective of the Eclipse-based tool SAP HANA Studio are used to develop and manage the HANA objects in XSC. The development objects are stored in the SAP HANA Repository. Objects from the SAP HANA Repository are transported (and deployed) using special transport tools.

ABAP provides special access methods for the following XSC objects in the SAP HANA Repository:

These access methods are not suitable for objects in SAP HANA XSA. Alternative methods such as AMDP or ADBC are used instead.

Other versions: 7.31 | 7.40 | 7.54


Instead of calling SQLScript procedures using database procedure proxies, ABAP Managed Database Procedures (AMDP) are recommended. AMDP can be used to create and manage new database procedures and also database functions. Existing database procedures can be called from AMDP. Database procedure proxies are required only if a secondary connection is used to access an SAP HANA database that is not the standard database of the current AS ABAP (side-by-side scenario). For AMDP, only service connections to the standard database of the current AS ABAP can be used.


External Views for SAP HANA Views in SAP HANA Repository

Database Procedure Proxies for SQLScript Procedures in the SAP HANA Repository